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Calgary Chapter


Imagine a generation of Canadians comfortable living and working anywhere in Canada and in many parts of the world, whose ability to transcend differences brings people together, and whose education has prepared them to meet the challenges and enjoy the riches of an increasingly global society.

This vision inspires Canadian Parents for French (CPF).  Founded by English speaking parents in 1977, CPF is dedicated to promoting and creating French second language learning opportunities for young Canadians.  We believe that learning a second language not only increases communication, it enhances thinking skills, widens horizons, and develops appreciation of and respect for other peoples and other cultures.

We see Canada's two official languages as an opportunity for our children; and we believe that learning both English and French in publicly funded schools is the right of children growing up in an officially bilingual country.  We believe that learning both English and French is an essential ingredient of a quality Canadian education, and a sound investment in our youth and the future of Canada.

Through a nationwide nework of committed volunteers, we work to ensure that young Canadians in all parts of the country have opportunities to learn and use French as a second language.