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Calgary Chapter

Calgary Board of Education French Immersion Developement Team (FIDT) Report

Open Letter from Board Chair Pat Cochrane

To:      French Immersion Principals, School Councils and Parents
From:   The Board of Trustees

As you are aware, in January 2001, the Board of Trustees requested that the French Immersion Development Team (FIDT) be established to formulate a system commitment and plan for French Immersion in the Calgary Board of Education. This team and their mandate was in response to requests from both South and North of the Bow French Immersion Pathfinding Teams as well as the Chinook Park/Kingsland Pathfinding Team to have a system accommodation plan for the placement and location of French Immersion programs in CBE schools.

On October 2, 2001, the FIDT's work was presented to the Board of Trustees for approval.  It has articulated a vision that provides a system where every student has an opportunity to become bilingual; developed guiding principles to facilitate decision-making on program excellence, growth, access and equity; identified six goals necessary for a successful strategic plan of action and identified actions and strategies for a five year strategic plan. Please see the attached board reports.

The Board agreed to further the work of the team by approving the following recommendations:
*       Receive the report of the team.
*       Support in principle the intent and directions of the report.
*       Direct Administration to present to the Board by November 30, 2001 statements of the impact of implementing the proposed strategic plan.
*       Direct Administration to develop and report back to the Board with a draft plan to locate French Immersion programs based on the sector model and in conjunction with the work of the Boundary and Transportation Committee and other system initiatives.

It is now the work of the Board of Trustees to review, discuss, and debate the impacts of developing governance policy that supports the proposed vision, guiding principles, and goals. We can support the intent and directions of the report in principle, however we will need to ask and answer some tough questions about costs within the broader context of other initiatives and needs within the system.

We are committed to show system support for French Immersion programs by asking Administration to develop a draft plan to locate programs in order to provide excellence, equity, and access to quality learning experiences in French Immersion programs. Our board has been committed to public involvement and will continue to involve, inform and dialogue with principals and parents as we move along in this discussion.

On behalf of the Board of Trustees, we would like to take this opportunity to thank the individual members of the French Immersion Development Team as well as parents, teachers and principals who provided important feedback and contributed to the Board reports. We will provide an update after November 30, 2001 and look forward to a continued dialogue.  In the meantime, please
share this information with parents and staff.
Thank you,

Originally signed by
Pat Cochrane
Chair, Board of Trustees


The Report consists of the core document, plus 4 attachments.  Each of these can be downloaded as PDF files by clicking on the links below.

Vision Statement (attachment 1)
Guiding Principles (attachment 2)
Goals (attachment 3)
Strategic Plan (attachment 4)

You can show your support for the report by contacting your CBE Trustee:

Wards 1&2        Gordon Dirks       
Ph: 294-8121    Fax: 294-8282
Banff Trail, Varsity Acres Elementary

Wards 3&4        David Pickersgill  
Ph: 294-8263   Fax: 294-8282

Highwood, Mayland Heights, G.P. Vanier Jr. High, King George Elem., Greenview Elementary

Wards 5&10        Lynn Nishimura  
Ph: 294-8261    Fax: 294-8282

Bob Edwards Junior High

Wards 6&7        Carole Oliver  
Ph:  294-8265    Fax: 294-8282

Branton Jr. High, Westgate Elem., William Aberhart Sr. High,

Wards 8&9        Pat Cochrane     
Ph:  294-8123   Fax:  294-8282

Fairview Jr. High,Western Canada Sr. High

Wards 11&13        Nancy Close   
Ph: 294-8120   Fax:  294-8282

Central Memorial Sr. High, Elboya Elem./Jr. High, Kingsland Elem., Chinook Park Elem., Bishop Pinkham Jr. High, Willam Reid Elem.

Wards 12&14        Sharon Hestor   
Ph: 294-8241    Fax: 294-8282

Andrew Davison Elem., Kingsland Elem.